Hoy hablamos de la cosmética Orogold

OROGOLD Cosmetics brand caters to a luxury clientele who demand the best quality and best experience for their skincare. Since its formation in 2008, OROGOLD has grown into one of the most popular luxury skin care brands in the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the group has been extremely successful in building an exceptionally strong presence in the US domestic market as well as many major international markets.

Whether you are a start up or have been in the business for decades, the OROGOLD wholesale program has something for your skin care business needs. OROGOLD Cosmetics offers an excellent range of wholesale programs that are not only flexible enough to accommodate the needs and requirements of interested parties from all over the world, but also unique enough to make you and your company stand out from the rest. ORO GOLD looks forward to hearing from you and meeting your wholesale needs.





 Dirección: Calle de Velázquez, 46, 28001 Madrid

Teléfono: 911 25 07 97

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