Hoy hablo del artículo publicado de mi hijo en «The Economics Review», sobre la secesión Catalana, para la universidad de Nueva York

Hoy, me siento orgullosa de compartir con vosotros este maravilloso artículo de mi hijo de 20 años, para la universidad de Nueva York.


Ha sido publicado en The Economics Review y en él, habla sobre la secesión Catalana.

Aquí os dejo el link y el comienzo del artículo:

The Insanity of Catalonian Secession


The Catalonian government has no economic strategy and proposes a secession that will be paid for by their own voters.

The world’s eyes turned to Spain on October 1, as international media delivered pictures of the injured faces of those who went out to cast vote at an illegal referendum for the secession of Catalonia. Over the past couple of weeks, the country has come to face the strongest threat to national unity since its consolidation of democracy in 1978.

The situation has quickly built up in complexity and media abroad has fallen short to present a full account of the events and tensions to the international community. Instead, social media and even respected publications such as the New York Times have opted to deliver a message of emotion and drama, providing implicit support for a nationalist movement that is poorly understood, and whose strategy is based on the deceit of its people and of those abroad.


Orgullosa de mi país, España y de mi querido hijo

Gracias a NYU por publicar este artículo

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